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We hope to see you at ‘Health and Wellbeing through Occupation', the 3rd International Occupational Science Europe Conference on 3rd & 4th September 2015, here in Bournemouth.


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Visible and valued occupational therapists throughout Europe!

COTEC was established in 1986 with the purpose of co-ordinating the views of the National Associations of Occupational Therapy. The aim of COTEC is to enable National Associations of Occupational Therapists in Europe to work together to develop, harmonise and improve standards of professional practice and education, as well as advance the theory of Occupational Therapy throughout Europe.

COTEC is the European organization for all Occupational Therapists through their National Associations, with the purpose of promoting and supporting mobility of individuals within Europe and increasing visibility of the profession.

COTEC represents 29 European Occupational Therapy Associations and more than 120,000 Occupational Therapists.



Summary of the Profession

The summary of the Profession is a COTEC document compiled and updated each year according to the information obtained from the National Associations of occupational therapists throughout Europe. Its purpose is to provide information on occupational therapy Europe -wide in order to integrate the profile of occupational therapy in European countries,  and facilitate the mobility of occupational therapists across Europe.


COTEC-ENOTHE Joint congress in 2016

Following the very successful Stockholm Conference, we can begin to look forward to the first COTEC-ENOTHE Joint Congress which is to be held in Galway, Ireland. It is being hosted by the Irish OT Association in conjunction with the University of Galway.

COTEC is looking forward to working closely with the Irish Association and the University, to prepare for what we hope will be a ground-breaking Congress.

We will keep you up- to- date with regard to preparations for the Congress and will look forward very much to seeing many of you in Galway in two years time !




Summary Profile  of the Occupational Therapy Profession in Europe(2005-2012)


Since 1986  COTEC has been collecting data on the number of practising OTs in Europe as well as other information relating to the development of the OT profession in Europe.


This recently compiled document provides an overview of the development of the Occupational Therapy profession in Europe 2005 – 2012, based on the COTEC .data.


The document includes the overall numbers of qualified practising Occupational Therapists and makes inter-country comparisons, including a comparison of the number of practising Occupational Therapists per population. It considers the profile of graduating occupational therapy students over the last 7 year period and the numbers of accredited courses versus unaccredited courses that exist by member country.


It provides an overview of the education of Occupational Therapists throughout Europe and the regulation of the existing educational programmes across countries.


There are currently 368 OT educational programmes throughout Europe. Of these, 276 are World Federation of OT approved. Germany and the UK offer the greatest number of OT programmes. Opportunities for post graduate OT education is offered in 11 COTEC member states. 3 of these offer PhD programmes in OT. 23 member countries of COTEC publish a journal of OT and in 20 member countries the profession is nationally regulated.


Read more for a comprehensive overview of the Occupational Therapy profession within Europe.


To celebrate COTEC 25 years 1986-2011


COTEC held a Picture Poster Competition with the theme “OT and Active and Healthy Ageing”


The Poster competition acknowledged both the 25th Anniversary of the Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries, COTEC, in 2011 and the European Year of Active and Healthy Ageing in 2012.”


The poster submissions were voted on by delegates at the StockholmConference and the competition won by Serbia.

The prize - a free ticket to the  – joint ENOTHE /COTEC Conference in Galway in  2016.