Artificial Grass for Dog Parks

You know for a fact that you’re the best friend your dog could ever hope for. But there might be a close rival in second place. And that’s the grass in the dog park. That might see like a surprising statement at first. After all, grass is grass right? But that’s not actually the case. Because sometimes the grass in a dog park is actually artificial grass. Artificial grass for dog parks is a fast growing trend for a number of good reasons. 

One of the most important points is the simple fact that you’d never know it was being used. At least unless you actually bend down to take a close look. But most importantly, your dog won’t be able to feel the difference either. This is a very important point because there’s a good reason that he loves the park so much. Dogs love the feeling of grass between their toes. And artificial grass can actually replicate that feeling. However, there’s some important points to remember about it as well. 

One of the most significant differences is that bacteria doesn’t like to grow on artificial substrate. Basically, your dog is constantly being exposed to bacteria which could make him sick. Every other dog who relieves himself on real grass is risking a transfer of colds or dog flus. Even children will often bring pathogens which can infect dogs. But pathogenic organisms need a solid vector. It needs something it can stay alive on to pass from one infected being to a non-infected dog. Grass can serve as a vector. But artificial grass can’t. This sets up a solid guard against your dog getting sick. 

Next, there’s the issue of wear and tear. Standard grass suffers under a huge amount of wear and tear from people and dogs running around on it. Not to mention that dogs just have fun eating or playing around with real grass. This appeal isn’t present with artificial grass though. Dogs enjoy it, but they understand it’s not edible. 

In addition to being strong it’s also soft. And a dog can run in the artificial grass just as easy as with natural grass. In fact, there’s even less chance of a dog’s fur getting snagged in artificial grass. So fido can have an even better time running around. 

There’s also no need to cut the grass. This makes things easier for someone running the park. But what people often forget is that it’s a huge help for dogs as well. We often forget just how sensitive a dog’s sense of hearing is. The sound of lawnmowers is unpleasant for us. One can just imagine how horrible it sounds to a dog’s ears.

The fact that artificial grass removes lawnmower noises from the experience is a huge bonus. And in fact, it serves to drive home a very important point. We all want the best for dogs and dog parks. And in this case, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the best of the best-case scenario is artificial grass in a dog park.

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