Synthetic grass or potty train your dog?

If you are a new dog owner there are a lot of things that you are trying to teach your pup and a lot of things that you are trying to learn so that you can teach your new furry friend in the best way possible. And while dogs have been seen to use the toilet in multiple movies and some online videos, there are more efficient ways of making sure your dog does his or her business somewhere that is not in your floor.

Male dogs specifically, when they do their business outside, will make a habit of kicking with their back legs. This is to mark their territory and spread the smell so that no other dogs or animals come marching in on their grounds. But this can be a little bit of a problem when they start making holes in your yard. 

We all know how grass works, it can be hard to dig up if it’s dry but if it rained somewhat recently, it won’t be hard for your dog to dig up all of the dirt. This not only causes your dog to get dirty but it also makes a mess of your beautiful yard.

To fix this issue, you just need to install artificial turf. With artificial turf, sometimes known as synthetic grass, the yard will be impossible to dig up. This way, your dog will no longer be making such a mess whenever he goes out to do his business and your yard will be a lot easier to clean up after he does what he needs to do.

Synthetic grass is just a carpet of grass that is placed over the grass that you already have. It’s not possible to dig it up and there is no dirt involved. And after your dog does his business, clean it up and spray the spot down with vinegar and your yard is back to being green and healthy.

So stop living with a yard that you and your dog don’t deserve, get some synthetic grass installed and make both of your lives a lot better.

Artificial Grass for Dog Parks

You know for a fact that you’re the best friend your dog could ever hope for. But there might be a close rival in second place. And that’s the grass in the dog park. That might see like a surprising statement at first. After all, grass is grass right? But that’s not actually the case. Because sometimes the grass in a dog park is actually artificial grass. Artificial grass for dog parks is a fast growing trend for a number of good reasons. 

One of the most important points is the simple fact that you’d never know it was being used. At least unless you actually bend down to take a close look. But most importantly, your dog won’t be able to feel the difference either. This is a very important point because there’s a good reason that he loves the park so much. Dogs love the feeling of grass between their toes. And artificial grass can actually replicate that feeling. However, there’s some important points to remember about it as well. 

One of the most significant differences is that bacteria doesn’t like to grow on artificial substrate. Basically, your dog is constantly being exposed to bacteria which could make him sick. Every other dog who relieves himself on real grass is risking a transfer of colds or dog flus. Even children will often bring pathogens which can infect dogs. But pathogenic organisms need a solid vector. It needs something it can stay alive on to pass from one infected being to a non-infected dog. Grass can serve as a vector. But artificial grass can’t. This sets up a solid guard against your dog getting sick. 

Next, there’s the issue of wear and tear. Standard grass suffers under a huge amount of wear and tear from people and dogs running around on it. Not to mention that dogs just have fun eating or playing around with real grass. This appeal isn’t present with artificial grass though. Dogs enjoy it, but they understand it’s not edible. 

In addition to being strong it’s also soft. And a dog can run in the artificial grass just as easy as with natural grass. In fact, there’s even less chance of a dog’s fur getting snagged in artificial grass. So fido can have an even better time running around. 

There’s also no need to cut the grass. This makes things easier for someone running the park. But what people often forget is that it’s a huge help for dogs as well. We often forget just how sensitive a dog’s sense of hearing is. The sound of lawnmowers is unpleasant for us. One can just imagine how horrible it sounds to a dog’s ears.

The fact that artificial grass removes lawnmower noises from the experience is a huge bonus. And in fact, it serves to drive home a very important point. We all want the best for dogs and dog parks. And in this case, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the best of the best-case scenario is artificial grass in a dog park.

For more questions contact Artificial Turf Source located in Palm Desert, CA for all your turf needs.

Play football on astro turf at home

Throughout the years, synthetic grass has become more common widely used by many homeowners. There are many different benefits that come with installing synthetic grass on your lawn. It to begin with, synthetic grass makes the maintenance a lot much easier because synthetic grass does not need much maintenance at all actually. Having synthetic grass on your lawn allows your home to look that much better because your lawn will always be guaranteed to look nice, fresh and green throughout the entire year.

Real grass is known to be a hassle to take care of. It requires a lot of hard work, money invested and a lot of your time and effort to make sure that the real grass is growing in a healthy way and at a good pace. Throughout the year, it is expected that the grass will begin to die or begin to turn yellow and this can make your home look not as nice or presentable if you are hosting any type of event. If you have synthetic grass, this will allow your children to be able to play around on the grass as much as they would like without constantly having to worry about whether or not they are ruining it.

If you have children who enjoy playing sports, synthetic grass will be an amazing way for them to practice their skills. Each day, your children will have the opportunity to play any type of sport onto the grass without worrying about whether or not they will damage the grass even more. Synthetic grass only requires that you clean it about once or twice a month to ensure that there is no bacteria or mold growing inside of it. Other than that, an artificial turf business is going to be the best option because it will ensure that your house looks nice and fresh throughout the entire year, and it will allow your children to be able to enjoy their lawn as much as they possibly can.

Is real grass worth the time? Just get artificial turf

How much time do you spend on yard maintenance every week? How much money do you waste by paying someone to get the work done for you because you don’t have the time to do it this week, you could always pay turf installers? Sure, your yard comes out of this looking aesthetically pleasing and the brightest and healthiest green you have ever seen. But how much was it worth all of that time, work, and money that you just spent? If you are sick and tired of putting in more than you are getting out of your yard, it’s time to make the replacement and get yourself a yard full of artificial turf.

Artificial turf, sometimes known as synthetic grass, can cut all of your yard work down. You could also get your golf scores up by installing a putting green. You will no longer have to mow your yard, trim up the weeds that find their way into your grass, and you won’t have bugs crawling around. Technically the bug thing isn’t a big issue, but no one wants bugs in their yard if they plan on spending the day out there with friends and family.

You don’t have to fill your yard with weed killers or other potentially dangerous chemical sprays to keep it maintained and it takes a lot less water to keep green and healthy.

You will have to spray down your yard maybe once a month with water to keep it fresh and to take away all of the dust that may have fallen onto it if it’s falls or spring. And if your dog does its business on the synthetic grass then you will have to spray that specific area down with some water and vinegar but other than that, your yard stays aesthetically pleasing with zero work. So, if you are tired of putting so much work into your yard just for it to die over the winter, get some synthetic turf. You’ll have green, natural looking grass all year.

Synthetic grass installation means no more weeds

Weeds are a invasive species of grass. If these start to grow in your yard you have a few options that you can choose from but you have to make the decision quickly because once these plants start to grow they will soon overtake your entire yard.

You could buy a chemical spray that you spray onto the weeds to kill them, but you are going to have to make a few treatments with this spray to make sure that they are gone for good and if you have a pet or kids, these treatments can be harmful to them.

You could hire a professional landscaper but that can be extremely pricey and it’s still not guaranteeing that you actually get rid of the weeds forever and you might still have to call the landscaper back again in a week or so to do the service again because the weeds have grown back.

Or you could just install synthetic grass and say goodbye to weed troubles forever. See, synthetic turf is a carpet like material that you place in your yard to replace your lawn. This means that you no longer have to deal with mowing and maintaining your yard like you currently are.

The only sort of maintenance that needs to be done on your lawn will be to make sure that the infill for the synthetic grass is full and you might have to rake up the grass blades to make them stand and make the ground soft. But other than that, it’s completely maintenance free and more importantly, it is also weed free.

So if you are sick and tired of all of these weed treatments and having money fly out of the window because of an invasive species then you should consider getting yourself some artificial turf. It’s cheap and easy to take care of and all you have to do is contact Biltright to install the turf on your lawn today.