Is real grass worth the time? Just get artificial turf

How much time do you spend on yard maintenance every week? How much money do you waste by paying someone to get the work done for you because you don’t have the time to do it this week, you could always pay turf installers? Sure, your yard comes out of this looking aesthetically pleasing and the brightest and healthiest green you have ever seen. But how much was it worth all of that time, work, and money that you just spent? If you are sick and tired of putting in more than you are getting out of your yard, it’s time to make the replacement and get yourself a yard full of artificial turf.

Artificial turf, sometimes known as synthetic grass, can cut all of your yard work down. You could also get your golf scores up by installing a putting green. You will no longer have to mow your yard, trim up the weeds that find their way into your grass, and you won’t have bugs crawling around. Technically the bug thing isn’t a big issue, but no one wants bugs in their yard if they plan on spending the day out there with friends and family.

You don’t have to fill your yard with weed killers or other potentially dangerous chemical sprays to keep it maintained and it takes a lot less water to keep green and healthy.

You will have to spray down your yard maybe once a month with water to keep it fresh and to take away all of the dust that may have fallen onto it if it’s falls or spring. And if your dog does its business on the synthetic grass then you will have to spray that specific area down with some water and vinegar but other than that, your yard stays aesthetically pleasing with zero work. So, if you are tired of putting so much work into your yard just for it to die over the winter, get some synthetic turf. You’ll have green, natural looking grass all year.