Synthetic grass or potty train your dog?

If you are a new dog owner there are a lot of things that you are trying to teach your pup and a lot of things that you are trying to learn so that you can teach your new furry friend in the best way possible. And while dogs have been seen to use the toilet in multiple movies and some online videos, there are more efficient ways of making sure your dog does his or her business somewhere that is not in your floor.

Male dogs specifically, when they do their business outside, will make a habit of kicking with their back legs. This is to mark their territory and spread the smell so that no other dogs or animals come marching in on their grounds. But this can be a little bit of a problem when they start making holes in your yard. 

We all know how grass works, it can be hard to dig up if it’s dry but if it rained somewhat recently, it won’t be hard for your dog to dig up all of the dirt. This not only causes your dog to get dirty but it also makes a mess of your beautiful yard.

To fix this issue, you just need to install artificial turf. With artificial turf, sometimes known as synthetic grass, the yard will be impossible to dig up. This way, your dog will no longer be making such a mess whenever he goes out to do his business and your yard will be a lot easier to clean up after he does what he needs to do.

Synthetic grass is just a carpet of grass that is placed over the grass that you already have. It’s not possible to dig it up and there is no dirt involved. And after your dog does his business, clean it up and spray the spot down with vinegar and your yard is back to being green and healthy.

So stop living with a yard that you and your dog don’t deserve, get some synthetic grass installed and make both of your lives a lot better.